August 16, 2014

Photo - Nakid Mag

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Ryan Sheridan, better known by his music moniker Gossip Culture, spends his days in sunny Los Angeles thinking of ways to make you not stop dancing til the point of exhaustion.

When I first heard Sheridan’s music I actually caught my self bobbing and grooving to it almost unconsciously, that doesn’t often happen to me.  The beat almost jumps out at you from the very start.  It’s refreshing and reminds me of when I heard Touch Sensitive for the first time who is another amazing producer in the disco/electro scene making waves.  Last year Sheridan released his debut EP, ‘Strictly Speaking’, conceived with the likes of  The County, and for those of you who don’t know who that is, well, three words – Mayer Hawthorne Band.

Rhythmically blending disco into electro and chill-wave, he has captured an iconic Summer sound that is almost synonymous with a pool, alcohol, and heavy dancing – not to mention a flat out good time.  Although his music could be branded ‘poppy,’ his song structures along with the unbelievable production is something that can definitely stand on its own as legit – do not be deceived, this is not your ordinary disco DJ.

Twitter: gossipculture